The Process

Design Selection & Information Gathering

Let’s meet at The Gallery. We’ll ask you the most questions about your project during this appointment. Why? Because you deserve to have your project come out exactly how you envision it. Our questions help shape your unique style and preferences to bring your complete vision to life.

Project Templating

After selecting a design, our team will take a digital blueprint of your space using top-of-the-line equipment. This cutting-edge technology ensures accuracy and helps avoid costly mistakes. The blueprint created from the template will serve as a road map that starts with a raw slab of material and ends with a beautiful, custom piece for your space. Clients often think that providing dimensions of the project helps speed up the fabricating process. Years of experience have taught us that removing the templating process leads to errors, costly mistakes, and longer timelines on projects.

Editing & Submission

We consider every detail during the Luxe editing process. Some projects require cuts to multiple slabs to cover the given area. Every area of a slab holds a unique design within it. Our team carefully considers making sure that every piece of your project flows to display the true beauty of your design.


Cambria cuts your slab during production precisely to fit your space. Your selected edge profile is applied, and your slab is polished to show the vibrant beauty of your design. In a state-of-the-art facility, Cambria takes the information gathered up to this point and uses the latest technology available to produce a carefully crafted, custom piece for your project.


After production, we’ll schedule a pickup from Cambria. On the day before installation, we’ll send you a reminder about the appointment and a window of arrival. Our meticulous, experienced, and enthused installation team will install your piece with care and precision on installation day.

Quality Control

Every project presents unique challenges, and Our QC team ensures that the natural issues that arise throughout the Luxe process are taken care of in a timely fashion. This added guarantee is peace of mind that our clients are thrilled with every project we have the privilege of completing.