About Luxe

Luxe Surfaces was founded in February 2018 and was an idea born out of a desire to provide a luxury countertop to underserviced clients in the tri-state area. Since our inception, word of mouth and experience in our market have built our business. We’re uniquely positioned as the area’s most experienced and highest-quality surface installers to represent Cambria’s luxurious quartz product.

Our infatuation is to provide a first-class experience to our clients, and our passion and dedication are to bring forward-thinking creative spaces to life. We know the impact great spaces have on our client’s well-being, and we believe they deserve to live their best lives.

Luxe is a premium company, not only in product but in service. We make mistakes, but our goal remains the happiness of our clients, and their satisfaction will always be our finish line. When our clients must have the absolute best, they come to Luxe.