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Luxe is Kentuckiana’s Source for Cambria Quartz Surfaces.

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About Luxe

Luxe Surfaces was founded in February 2018 and was an idea born out of a desire to provide a luxury countertop to underserviced clients in the tri-state area. Since our inception, word of mouth and experience in our market have built our business. We’re uniquely positioned as the area’s most experienced and highest-quality surface installers to represent Cambria’s luxurious quartz product.

About Luxe
We Serve: Architects

An Architect's Best Friend

Our experience in this industry gives us a unique perspective to bring to our partnerships with Architects. On top of that, we install the most elegant, stunning, and versatile quartz, Cambria. With Luxe in your corner, you’ll never have to sacrifice design to account for the limited skills you might find elsewhere. Have a look at The Showroom to see what you’ll be capable of with Luxe. 

We Serve: Tract Builders

Frictionless Collaboration

We’ve partnered with tract builders long enough to know that the pace is relentless, the schedule is firm, and the decision-making process for your clients should be within budget and frictionless. As your partner, we make it easy on you. We’ll stock your showroom with towers and samples to allow selection at your location. All of your inventory is held within a dedicated space at our location, ensuring we’re always stocked with what you need to keep things moving quickly.

We Serve: Custom Home Builders

Prompt and Distinguished Service

We make the life of custom home builders easier because we’ve established ourselves as a sure thing. We’re self-sufficient, and we move with autonomy to solve problems to keep from being an extra headache that you don’t need. Your project won’t ever fall behind because of Luxe. With the peace of mind that comes from partnering with us, your team can work knowing you’ve got a trustworthy partner.

We Serve: Remodelers

Quick, Reliable, and Expert, The Luxe Difference

Visiting family members make hosts uncomfortable after a few nights, and they don’t even tear down any walls in your home. As a remodeler, you’re racing the clock to do the solid work you’ve built your reputation on so you can give your client their space back. Our customized approach to each remodeling project lets us move quickly without hurrying so we can meet the needs of our clients. 

We Serve: Homeowners

Your Home Can Truly Be Your Castle

You’ve got the vision for your project; Luxe brings it to life by partnering with you to navigate the entire process. We can lean in to help you with design selections or fall back and offer guidance on contractors and timeline development. Your project is unique to you and your style, and we’ll be there to help you understand how decisions impact timelines and budgets. Our guidance eliminates costly mistakes throughout the process, helping our clients avoid the frustration that often comes with redesigning a space.

We Serve: Designers

Beauty Without Compromise

Your desire for beauty, functionality, and emphasis on focal points throughout a space is often sacrificed because you heard a “no.” Bring us your creativity and design skills. We’ll be your technical partners with the expertise to make beautiful design function well. Our partnership with designers means that your creativity is without bounds so that your client will fall in love with their space more than once.

We Serve: K & B Dealers

Integrity and Craftsmanship go Hand & Hand

When challenges arise, you’ll need a partner to be there to help problem-solve and execute toward a solution. K&B Dealers work with us because they respect our willingness to go the extra mile to navigate project timeline shifts generated from cabinet delays and cabinet installation issues. We’re the group that stands up and recognizes problems as a chance to build trust, and we’ll always clean up the mess whether we make it or not. 

We Serve: Realtors

A Realtor's Dream

Do you want to sell the home you’ve had on the books for a while, but it needs an update?